The Leading Flour Milling company in Vietnam 

Customer Orientation

For Vimaflour, you, the CUSTOMERS are of the utmost importance. You are the aspiration and driving force for us to keep improving and find the answer to our daily question “what can we do to serve the customers better?”

Understanding Customers’ Need

With more than 50 years of experience in milling industry of Malayan Flour Mills Berhad (MFMB) and more than 20 years operating in Vietnam, we have deep understanding of the diversified needs of Vietnamese customers for flour products. We know what flour you need to make a Vietnamese bread with good volume, beautiful split, golden and cracking crust while the crumb is moist and flexible. We know what flour you need to make a spongy cake that melts in the mouth while eating. We are the first flour mill in Vietnam that came out with “specialized flours” to meet your specific need for a diversified product range.

Milling The Flour With Passion

In Vimaflour, each product is a pride, created by the passion of a group of enthusiastic and professional technicians. The most suitable wheat grains from Australian, the US and Canada have been selected for the flour products. Each milling process from cleaning, wheat blending, milling, streaming, purifying, blowing and packaging is carried out with a meticulous care and on a state-of-the-art automatic production line in Vietnam. Samples are collected every hour to ensure high level of consistency. We keep listening to customer’s comments and feedback and carrying out R&D projects to create products that best fit the customers’ need.

Perfect Service

Vimaflour’s distributors have years of service in flour business and be present in most of provinces in the North and Central Regions of Vietnam. With their enthusiasm and experience, they are capable to deliver the best service package to the bakeries including flour, baking ingredients and equipment in the shortest time.

Vimaflour Customer Service Department (CSD) has a great team of professional technicians who are well-trained domestically and overseas and have long experience in supporting bakeries and industrial users. They are frequently updated with new baking techniques and products. We are always ready to help customers and give technical support when required.

Developing Vietnamese Baking Industry

The Vietnamese per capita flour consumption is considerable low compared to ASEAN and developed countries. The baking industry in Vietnam is still at the early stage of development. That is why together with our customers, Vimaflour have a mission to bring up the baking industry in Vietnam to ASEAN and developed countries’ level. On this direction, we hold bakers conference annually with the view to product diversification and hygiene enhancing for a sustainable development.

In addition, we regularly organize free baking training courses at our plant in Cai Lan, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province for bakers who want to improve their baking techniques and develop new products.

Continuous Improvement

The best can be better and staying still means going backward in an advancing world. That is why we embrace a culture of continuous improvement for the whole development process of our company. Under continuous improvement, we keep upgrading our milling technology to gain a head start, getting ourselves ready for increasing demand in quality. We keep improving our knowledge, skill, attitude and habits to delivery better service and products to the customers.

Economy Of Scale 

In the increasingly competitive market, price is an important factor. With our milling capacity of 2000 MT per day, coupled with the scale of Malayan Flour Mills Berhad with totally 5 flourmill complexes: 2 in Malaysia, 2 in Vietnam and 1 in Indonesia, we are able to combine shipments of panamax size of 60,000 MT. The advantage of economy of scale enables us to produce high quality and consistent products at reasonable price.

Come To Vimaflour And See It Yourself

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