Today’s training session, we would like to introduce to everyone the bread product! A specialty of Quang Ninh coal land, and perhaps only this place has it. Banh Mi is a blend of banh ta and sweet bread, unique because of its long fermentation process and no additives. The cake attracts diners with its soft golden crust, dense and buttery aroma, richer in nutrition than ordinary bread. That is enough to provide energy for miners after hours of hard work.

For consumers, this is definitely a must-try cake once in a lifetime. For manufacturers, this is definitely the highlight of your store. Let’s learn the process of making this cake in the attached video. If you have time, don’t hesitate to follow the video. It will be very interesting. And if you have any problems, please share them in the comments or through the fanpage, we will support you wholeheartedly.

Did you know: Training Online is a monthly online baking program of Vimaflour flour company. We will periodically organize 2 training sessions each month through the Zoom application. The specialty of these training sessions is the tips/secrets shared from the Advisory Board. At the same time, we also maintain a Zalo group to easily notify the latest updates to students. You can contact the staff of Vimaflour company to support in the areas to be added to this zalo group. Everyone comment on the type of cake you want to learn. We will prioritize training the hottest cake models and are receiving the greatest attention from the market.